For someone who is generally extremely organised, I look back at my life and see that many of the major changes in it have been anything but.  

Things have just “happened”, sometimes on a whim, and these things have introduced me to some of the most amazing places, people, experiences and jobs I could never have planned for.  Such is life.

Continuing on my unplanned (but highly organised) roll, a chance meeting and need for some extra cash launched me head first into the magical, beautiful and at times major stress inducing industry of weddings. It was love at first sight.

Now, six years on and over 200 weddings behind me, I feel I have gained enough experience and insight to launch myself into my own business of wedding and event planning and I would like you all to join me on this journey.  As with other journeys I have embarked upon, who knows where it may lead ……

My first wedding job, … the day that started it all

Byron Bay hinterland is a magical region and a private paddock with a giant marquee wedding for 125 was my introduction to the industry.  

I vividly remember the dozen or so florists, flown up from Sydney with an extravagant amount of exquisite white blooms and greenery, busily converting an ordinary marquee into something straight out of a dream.  Even the gates to the property were adorned with the most superb blooms. 

The menu was canapés, followed by a seated Tuscan feast, dessert then supper and finally a late night feast.  The cake table had pride of place with a magnificent 4-tier beauty. Home made lemonades, drinks, cocktails and an abundance of champagne and red wine flowed all day and night.

I was employed by the catering company to assist with the set up and then as a waiter.  Lining up wine and water glasses in a perfectly straight line along the tables, setting napkins perfectly, plates the exact same distance from the edge of the table, cutlery polished and positioned perfectly. Lavish bunches of full-blown white roses and peony overflowing over cut crystal vases. These things appealed to my sense of perfection, beauty and organisation.

Miraculously, the kitchen was set up under two tents and everything, cooking ovens, fryers, wash-up and prep areas and even water, was brought onto the property. It was certainly eye opening.

I worked a long, hot 14 hour shift and then drove back to the Gold Coast from Byron at 1am. I was exhausted, my feet felt as though they were not a part of me, I had money in my pocket and I had worked with some great people. I can still picture that marquee and those flowers, and remember the whole day 6 years on. 

It was the love, laughter, good friends and family that made that day special.  

I was hooked. 

I want to arrange a day that beautiful for my clients, no matter what their budget may be.  We can’t all spend a fortune on a special day but we can certainly make it one to remember.

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