The date. There are so many details to consider when beginning to plan your wedding but you have to start somewhere.  I find that choosing a date is a good place to start.

These days wedding venues can be booked out two years in advance so if you have your heart set on a certain venue, you could be swayed on date as to what the venue has available.

Some brides chose the date dependant on when her favourite flower is in season, some on the style of dress she wishes to wear.

A date can set a feel or a theme for your wedding.

OCTOBER is springtime and we are waking from those winter feels. Beautiful bright florals, sunny days and warmer weather give rise to outdoor ceremonies and receptions, a plethora of seafood delights and cool gelato desserts or those delicious Sicilian cannoli from a traditional cannoli cart. 

Floaty white dresses and fairy lights at night. 

One of the most beautiful wedding flowers, the peony, is about to come alive and bring joy to our bouquets.

DECEMBER heralds the festive season and for those whose family and friends live afar, it can be a wonderful “two birds with one stone” time to bring everyone together for celebrations.

JANUARY and February bring on the heat so a lovely cool in-door venue, gorgeous big bamboo fans, rattan furniture and beach luxe themed styling with palms and cool homemade lemonades. 

Cool clear crystal glassware and vases, sexy bar full of iced delights; a lavish abundance of greenery, spilling from the ceiling.

MAY and June and the weather has cooled off, soft subtle themes with pretty floral bunches, whimsical styles and sumptuous feasting.  Outdoor receptions in the cooler temps under a giant marquee with festoon lighting. Dancing under the stars to sexy jazz. Cigar lounge and cocktail bar with late night feasting snacks of classic toasted cheesies.

JULY and August weddings can be full of soft and subtle greys and maroons, open fires and delicious hearty meals.  Warming furs and textured linens in deep ruby and mulberry, navy and emeralds, big comfy lounges and overstuffed cushions. 

To many couples, the date is a very important decision.  Often it is chosen to coincide with a family event or a special anniversary.  To be married on the same date as parents is often considered.

My favourite is May the Fourth, for all those Star Wars geeks out there.

So you need to speak with your chosen venue to find a suitable date or maybe just put a pin on a calendar.  

Whatever you decide, there is one tick off your long list of “to do’s” before you get to say your “I do’s”.

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