I used to do this sort of thing as a kid, called it scrap booking.  Cut out and pasted pictures of things I loved or wanted, favourite animals or sports figures in a scrapbook, or all over my school folder, as was the fashion in the day.

Well these are back but in a slightly more tech savvy form.  The mood board, whose purpose is to help you get all those ideas out of your head or your phone, and into some sort of semblance of order or thought. 

It covers colour themes, design ideas, dress styles, venue set ups, florals as well as your hopes and dreams. It gives your planner a feel for how you want your special day to look.  

This is what you and your planner / stylist will be working from so your theme and style is defined and you don’t wander into other thoughts and ideas half way through the planning process. It is no good if all the planning is done for a beach luxe wedding and you decide you want a boho country theme half-way through.  You need to get those ideas down and commit to the style you really want.

Remember THIS IS YOUR DAY and it is the day you want to remember, so make it YOURS. Don’t listen to what others want.

Here is an example of one I did for a bride wanting an elegant, French style winter wedding.  The colours she liked mixed with the textures and feel for the day she wanted to create are all shown in the mood board.  Others show a deluxe beach setting and a simple do it yourself backyard wedding.

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