So you have your date set, now to decide on the venue. 

In the case of weddings, many venues are booked out one or even two years in advance, depending on their popularity, price, packages and proximity – The 4 P’s. And if I add another P – People. How many guest are you inviting and how many will the venue hold comfortably?

You have to do your homework or get your planner to do the initial searching for you on your list of requirements and narrow it down to three or four. Sometimes you just can’t get your chosen venue on the date you want so a backup is always important.  

Often the venue itself will help in creating the theme or style of your wedding.  A beautiful old barn will lend itself brilliantly to a rustic style wedding whereas a penthouse hotel venue calls for a more formal and elegant theme.

Sperry tents or elegant white marquees are very popular with brides at the moment and give you glorious freedom to create your dream.  Just be aware that the weather can be a major factor in outdoor weddings and costs can escalate bringing in catering and styling equipment. IF you are lucky you may have a friend or family member with acreage or your backyard could serve as the most perfect venue ever.

Whatever you chose, Belle & Rex Events can turn your chosen space into your dream venue.  You know, the one you have 2365 Pinterest pictures of in your phone.

Some other considerations when choosing a venue:-

Catering – in house or contracted. What equipment and space is available?

Cocktail style or sit down?

Furniture – style, what is available at your chosen venue or do you wish to bring in another style

Music – Music is always an important and often neglected factor.  Do you want a live band, a DJ, a Duo or will use Spotify with your own playlists?

Lighting – What is available at the venue and is it what you want?

Access – Is it easy for vendors and guests to access?

Parking – Will there be enough parking or would a hired bus for guests be a better option?

These suggestions are just grazing the surface. A dynamite planner will be all over this for you and the magic will happen.

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