Posted by Lisa Bellamy on  November 9, 2019

Category: Planning
So you have your date set, now to decide on the venue.  In the case of weddings, many venues are booked out one or even two years in advance, depending on their popularity, price, packages and proximity – The 4 P’s. And if I add another P – People. How many guest are you inviting and how many will the venue hold comfortably? You have to do your homework or get your planner to do Read More


Posted by Lisa Bellamy on  October 9, 2019

Category: Planning
I used to do this sort of thing as a kid, called it scrap booking.  Cut out and pasted pictures of things I loved or wanted, favourite animals or sports figures in a scrapbook, or all over my school folder, as was the fashion in the day. Well these are back but in a slightly more tech savvy form.  The mood board, whose purpose is to help you get all those ideas out of your Read More


Posted by Lisa Bellamy on  September 13, 2019

Category: Styling
The date. There are so many details to consider when beginning to plan your wedding but you have to start somewhere.  I find that choosing a date is a good place to start. These days wedding venues can be booked out two years in advance so if you have your heart set on a certain venue, you could be swayed on date as to what the venue has available. Some brides chose the date dependant Read More


Posted by Lisa Bellamy on  August 2, 2019

Category: Occasions
For someone who is generally extremely organised, I look back at my life and see that many of the major changes in it have been anything but.   Things have just “happened”, sometimes on a whim, and these things have introduced me to some of the most amazing places, people, experiences and jobs I could never have planned for.  Such is life. Continuing on my unplanned (but highly organised) roll, a chance meeting and need for Read More