Originally from a promotions and public relations background in Sydney, Lisa moved around the country and added new experiences and exciting adventures to her portfolio as she went.

On relocating to Perth in the late 1980’s, Lisa found herself promoting windsurfing events and sponsorships then landed a great job running the social club of a major financial institution. This involved arranging promotions, communications newsletters, weekly, monthly and yearly staff events, through to large sponsored community events. 

“It was the best bank job anyone without a banking background could ever want.”

 It was here that Lisa found her love for creating, planning and coordinating events.

“I love the detail and the organisation. The coming together of all the aspects of  an initial idea and the finished product where you can stand back proudly and say, I did that”

When an opportunity arose to move to the far north west West Australian pearling town of Broome, Lisa jumped at it. 

“I had never heard of Broome but after some research I knew that I just had to go. It had an incredible history that not many knew about. It was a place I needed to experience, and I had always loved pearls.“

It was a decision that led to 20 years immersed in the mysterious, adventurous and luxurious industry of the Australian South Sea Pearl.

In Broome, Lisa worked in all facets of the pearling industry, from cooking on the pearl fishing boats to managing the luxury retail showroom of a major pearling company. Opportunities to meet overseas designers, celebrities, arrange fashion shows, charity fundraisers and community events were just part of being involved in the fantastic workings of a small but influential tourism town.

On moving to the Gold Coast in 2013, a casual job with a catering company launched Lisa again into the glorious and stylish world of weddings and events. Here she began to work with food and event stylists and her creative side again took flight.  

With over 200 weddings and events under her belt, small business and wedding planning courses completed, Belle and Rex Events was conceived.

All Lisa’s years of experience in events and her fabulous style are now available to her clients to create for them that magical, individual celebration.

When not creating and planning for others, Lisa practices the quirky ladies sport of Physical Culture, keeps her three Devon Rex cats in the luxury they demand and plans her next holiday adventures.